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Dog Vest RoG® Elite


RoG Hunting® has been a trusted name in hunting accessories since 2009, providing high-quality and trendy products to customers. As a leading brand in the European hunting sector, RoG® is proud to introduce its latest product, the RoG® Elite protective vest, made with 8 layers of armor for ultimate protection at an affordable price.

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The vest is composed of a superior anti-tear weave outer face made of Nylon ripstop 1050D, which is flexible, lightweight, and resistant to aggressive biotopes, making it perfect for protecting your dog in harsh environments. The anti-perforation fabric is also protected from humidity by the water-repellent properties of the nylon.

The vest’s 100% UHMWPE polyethylene, combined with its 8 layers, offers high-performance anti-puncture protection, extreme flexibility, and workability, and is also anti-thorn and anti-tear. An added aluminum film provides warmth and preserves waterproofness.

The vest’s waterproof and breathable lining ensures your dog stays comfortable and dry during intense activities, while the detachable and adjustable zipper system (Band width: 2.5cm), which features a 3-piece design, allows for quick and easy adjustments to fit a variety of dog sizes.

A Velcro fastener supports the zippers and provides reinforcement, while a reflective stripe ensures your dog remains visible in low-light situations. The crossed and reinforced seams increase the vest’s durability, and an ultra-resistant sewing thread limits deterioration over time.

Other features include a neck loop that integrates with your dog’s collar to keep the vest securely attached and prevent it from opening, and the bright orange color ensures your dog is visible in any situation.

Technical informations :

  • 1 layer: 1050D ripstop nylon
  • 4 layers: UHMWPE (Dyneema)
  • 1 layer: Aluminum foil
  • 1 layer: Non-woven fabric (liquid repellency, padding, thermal insulation)
  • 1 layer: Black breathable fabric lining

Composition of the vest:

– Outer face Nylon ripstop 1050D: Superior anti-tear weave, very flexible, light and resistant to the most aggressive biotopes, very resistant and water repellent, this also helps to protect the anti-perforation fabric from humidity. Resistant to abrasive and aggressive biotopes, while allowing dogs great mobility thanks to its extreme flexibility.

– 100% UHMWPE polyethylene, total of 8 layers for a high performance vest on anti-puncture, extreme flexibility and workability, anti-thorn, anti-tear.

– The addition of an aluminum film helps to keep the dog warm and to preserve the waterproofness

– Waterproof and breathable lining.

– Detachable and adjustable zipper system, 3 piece zipper to adjust the circumference size on the dog’s back. Can adapt to different dogs, convenient and quick to adjust.

– The Velcro fastener supports the zippers and plays a reinforcement role.

– Reflective stripe makes your dog visible at night in all situations.

– Our crossed and reinforced seams increase the support of the vest as well as its durability.

– An ultra-resistant sewing thread has been selected to limit its deterioration.

– A neck loop to integrate the dog’s collar allowing the collar to make the vest fully attached to the dog and to prevent this part of the vest from opening.

– Orange color

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

45, 50, 55, 60, T65, 70, T75, T80, T85, T90

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