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Welcome to Helyss Ltd


Welcome to Helyss, a company born in 2022 from the RoG Hunting brand, which made a name for itself under the name SUPRA in its early days in 2009. In 2020, it became RoG Hunting to integrate new partners.


We specialize in import/export and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services, offering direct access to our branded products at the best negotiated price on the market. We manage the entire production chain, from supply to finalization, ensuring conformity, quality, packaging, tariff study, and protection (Patent, INPI, Design, etc.)

Our brands, RoG Hunting for hunting and Akis Defense for self-defense, cater to two distinct universes. Akis Defense, created in 2014, is now the leader in France in defense equipment.

Our success and 20% annual growth have allowed us to expand our team to over 130 professionals. We aim to develop new 5.0 innovations by partnering with reliable businesses worldwide, leveraging our experience and development in nearly all of our products.

As a wholesaler, we offer unique services, such as “Sourcing,” where professionals can entrust their product searches and purchases to us, benefiting from our own subsidiary in Asia to obtain the best rates and quality control.


We also offer “Dropshipping,” allowing resellers to offer products available on our reseller website (www.helyss-sports.com) without maintaining inventory, with delivery directly from the supplier in 48 hours.


Our flagship products include GPS reception antennas for Garmin, such as the Black Edition series, Flex 80 cm, and 125 cm long-range antennas. The famous Ibiza telescopic antenna is also a best-seller, thanks to its exceptional power. In terms of defense, we have developed innovative products such as the SAFEGLOVE electric glove for law enforcement.

In 2023, we look forward to launching the RoG Master hybrid GPS and the Speeder collar with nearly unlimited reception range, as well as the RoG Elite dog protective vest with eight layers of design.

For more information, contact our commercial team at contact@helyss.net 

Our Vision

We know how to stand out from your competitors and we gladly provide our clients with various keys to achieve their goals and become successful member of business environment.

Our Mission

Our company strives to build a competitive advantage at each stage of the business management process in order to generate superior long-term returns, while continuously focusing on protecting retailers capital


We are committed to exploring innovative ways and providing the latest options to empower you to reach unprecedented levels of success!

Creative approach

We try to find the best solution in any specific case


It is very important to satisfy our clients and meet their needs


We provide a coherent plan with business steps for each client


We always can correct the plan and add needed changes


Our services are affordable for a wide range of people


We provide a high-quality support for each client 24/7