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What is the definition of a sourcing agent ?

Our team consist of a team of experienced experts in assisting companies or individuals in sourcing, warehousing, shipping and quality inspection. At the same time, a sourcing agent is a person who helps sellers find products for the development of his brand or his sign.

7 service processes offered by the best sourcing agents

1. Quality management process
The role of best sourcing is to inspect the different stages of a product’s life cycle. Quality is paramount when it comes to product marketing. Therefore, one of the service processes of sourcing agencies is to ensure that the products reach the necessary quality.

2. Certificate of conformity
A certificate of conformity is crucial for every manufacturer. The main problem is that many small-scale manufacturers do not have any certificate of conformity. Therefore, as a foreigner, it can be difficult to distinguish between compliant and non-compliant. It is therefore essential to have sourcing agents as part of their services, to investigate manufacturer compliance and ensure that all products meet all regulations required by law.

3. Product pricing
The price at which you get the products will determine how much you will sell the product. The prices depend on your quantities and your commitment as a distribution partner.

4. Product Specification
We validate product specifications and quality with manufacturers. Additionally, during the product selection and manufacturing process, we inspect the product to ensure that all specifications are met.

5. Product sample
After validation of a product that interests you, we prepare samples of products from various producers in order to validate any marketing project.

6. Customs clearance
Lack of timely customs clearance may cause many delays in product delivery. Therefore, we offer our experience in customs clearance processes with our partners who take care of the transport. They are responsible for ensuring that customs clearance takes place without delay, thus prompt delivery of goods.

7. Production period
Some growers might have what you are looking for; so no need for production. But if you have a product that requires customization, Helyss will oversee the production process, the design of the packaging, the instructions and will carry out quality checks and monitor the smooth running of the manufacturing process.

Make your life easier as it allows you to reap many benefits. Additionally, the time saved through our sourcing agents can be used for other purposes such as marketing. Therefore, the above points will guide you about all the services offered by Helyss.