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Police Stun Glove II


Introducing the latest innovation from Akis®, a renowned designer of non-lethal defense weapons since 2009 – the high-performance electric defense glove. This unique product is specifically designed for security or law enforcement professionals and is only available to those with a mandatory professional card.

The Akis® electric defense glove is equipped with a cutting-edge technology that integrates a unique activation feature directly into the glove. This feature allows for the performance of a summons, making it the only model in the world to incorporate this technology. With this glove, professionals can issue a warning during official interventions and take necessary actions to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Thanks to Akis®’s robust technology, we are proud to be the inventor and manufacturer of an essential tool that supports police interventions for difficult arrests. Invest in the Akis® electric defense glove and experience a level of safety and protection like no other.

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Introducing the Safe Glove – the latest innovation in non-lethal self-defense technology. This electrical impulse defense device is specifically designed to stun individuals without causing any bodily harm, ensuring maximum safety for both the user and the target.

The Safe Glove features two electrodes that release a powerful 15,000 volts of electrical power, capable of passing through up to 5mm of tissue. This advanced technology allows for effective self-defense without causing any long-term damage or injury.

Crafted from high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, anti-cut and anti-perforation fabric, and leather, the Safe Glove is both lightweight and durable, providing high resistance to wear and tear. It’s perfect for personal safety or as part of your professional security arsenal.

With a battery life of up to 168 hours, the Safe Glove offers reliable and long-lasting performance. It’s easy to charge too, with a charging time of just 1 hour and 30 minutes, and four LED indicators to let you know when it’s fully charged.

Invest in the Safe Glove today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a powerful, yet safe self-defense solution at your fingertips. With a weight of just 186 grams, it’s easy to carry around and always ready when you need it.



Battery: Polymer 4.2v / 1800mAH
Charger: 5v/2A
Charging time: 1h30
Charging indication: 4 leds
Electric power: 15,000 Volts
Current: 6mA-16mA
Autonomy: 168 Hours
Material: Carbon fiber, anti-cut and anti-perforation fabric, leather.
Weight: 186gr

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