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RoG® Speeder GPSM Dog Tracking Collar

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RoG® Dog Collar Device

RoG® GPS dog collar device is a high-precision GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU receiver equipped with a 4G mobile networking module for tracking and training of sporting dogs, this GPS dog tracking collar uses 3 levels of vibration and continuous stimulation training when used with a compatible hunting dog tracking/training handheld, as well as sound recording function. With capability of information transmission both in and out of the coverage of mobile network to ensure the stability of the communication.

Introducing the RoG® GPSM – the ultimate hunting dog tracking and training system. This innovative and high-performance system is designed to help hunters and hunting dog owners and train multiple dogs in the wild with ease.

The RoG® GPSM consists of a handheld device, a dog collar , and a mobile app. This GPS is a multi-dog tracking and remote training device, which works directly with the VHF frequencies 169mhz and 4G network. Both the handheld and dog collar are made with high material quality built with a waterproof rating of IPX7, ensuring they can withstand the most challenging hunting conditions in the wild.

Equipped with a high-precision GPS/GLONASS/Beidou satellite receiver and a 4G mobile networking module, the RoG® GPSM ensures that you can track and train your dogs in areas both within and outside the coverage of mobile networks. The mobile app receives location and status information from the collars via Bluetooth and displays it on a pre-downloaded map. With the RoG® GPSM, you can track up to 20 dogs’ locations simultaneously on a single map on your mobile phone.

In addition to tracking, the RoG® GPSM is also an effective tool for training and controlling your dogs remotely. With the handheld device, you can train and control your dogs even when they are out of sight. This system is the perfect companion for hunters and sporting dog owners who want to track and train their dogs with ease and efficiency.

Choose the RoG® GPSM, a new concept with new performance for a reliable and powerful tracking and training system.

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RoG® Speeder (RS1) dog collar device is a high-precision GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU receiver equipped with a 4G mobile networking module for tracking and training of sporting dogs. The dog collar uses 3 time durations of vibration and 3 intensity levels of stimulation to train dogs. It is used with RoG®  (RS1) hunting dog tracking/training handheld with capability of information transmission both in and out of the coverage of mobile network to ensure the stability of the communication. Please refer to the function description of RoG® (RS1) Multi-dog Tracking and Training System.


Supported navigation High-precision GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU
SIM Card nano SIM card,Support 4G network
Range (tracking and training) Up to 15km (out the coverage of mobile network)

Unlimited Range (in the coverage of mobile network)

Transmission mode Both in and out of the coverage of mobile network
Sound recording Yes
Geography Fence An alarm is triggered when a dog enters or leaves a Geofence
Stimulation/Vibration Yes
LED beacon lights Yes
Antenna Radio antenna plus GPS antenna
Battery 3550 mAh Rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life 20-40 hours
Water rating IPX7
Replaceable collar strap Yes
Collar strap size 1” (2.54 cm)


GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU reception enables better satellite tracking in challenging environments than GPS alone.


Rugged and IPX7 water-proof grade, the hunting dog collar is tough enough to work well wherever your dog runs, tracking/training range up to 15km (out the coverage of mobile network, depending on terrain) or unlimited range (in the coverage of mobile network).


Geography fence function is available, the fence setting in the APP let you monitor the location of the dog, it triggers the alarm while a dog enters or leaves the designated geography fence.


The stimulation and vibration features let you train each dog separately — traditional stimulation and vibration allows you to make 3 levels of quick changes while training. You can tab the sound recording icon on the handheld or call the dog collar directly to hear the dog’s barks remotely. You can also turn on the LED beacon lights built into the dog collar from the handheld to help find your dog in low-light conditions and at night.


RoG® (RS1) dog collar device comes with a 1-inch (2.54 cm) collar strap. Replacement straps are available in multiple colors (sold separately).


How to use it well:

1. Tracking and Training: Our collars provide both tracking and training functionality for your pets. They are designed to help you keep track of their whereabouts and train them effectively.

2. Use of VHF without subscription: Our collars are compatible with VHF technology, which means that you can use them without subscription. This offers you a practical and economical solution for tracking your animals.

3. SIM card in case of reception difficulties: In areas where reception may be difficult, you have the option of inserting a SIM card. We offer two options for this:
To. Multi SIM from your telephone operator: If you have a subscription with your telephone operator, you can obtain three additional SIM cards free of charge. This will allow you to improve reception in the affected areas.

b. Multi-operator for white areas: In areas where reception is very difficult or even non-existent, we recommend the use of a multi-operator SIM card. This option requires a monthly subscription of €30 per year and per SIM card. It will allow you to benefit from optimal connectivity, even in the most remote places.


Data Multi-Operators compatible: 

To take full advantage of your GPS and RoG collar, we recommend that you subscribe to our subscription offer which includes a full SIM card at an unbeatable price. Thanks to our partnership with RoG, we can offer you a superior European multi-operator network.

There are two options to choose from to meet your data needs: 50MB for normal use or 100MB for heavy use. Plus, all unused data can be used by another SIM card, meaning you won’t waste a single byte of your subscription.

Whether you prefer a subscription with or without commitment, we invite you to visit our “OPERATOR” page to obtain more information and to subscribe to our exceptional offer. With our RoG SIM card solution, you can always keep an eye on your pet, wherever it is, and enjoy a reliable and quality GPS tracking experience in France or Europe without changing your subscription.


● RoG® Speeder (RS1) dog collar device with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

● 1″ collar strap

● Standard radio antenna

● Charge clip

● AC adapter

● USB cable

● Contact points

● Insulated plugs

● Manual


– Tracking history up to 15 days
– Positioning accuracy is 5m VHF and 15m GSM
– Electric training adjustable on 3 levels and vibration option adjustable on 3 levels.
– No sound option for training.
– Mapping via app only
– Add up to 20 dogs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – ——— Standard xp 67, 100% waterproof
– Collar lock, remote deactivation
– Autonomy / Emission rate: 20h for 2.5sec and 40h for 5min
– Collar audio recording
– Alert dog inactive for more than 30sec
– Autonomous interference management


* Property of ROG HUNTING registered model EUIPO N°015018009. Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part or importation made without the consent of the authors or their successors in title or assigns, is unlawful without the authorization of the brand.

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