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Stun gun Pepper Spray 4 500 000 Volts

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If you are looking for a versatile defense weapon with unique designs then the off-the-shelf range will be ideal to set you apart from the competition, the Akis Technology brand is the reference brand in the field. Since 2014, the brand has specialized in defense weapons, developing its own models for individuals but also for the law enforcement sector.

Duration of electric shock and effects:

  • 0.5 seconds: short electric shock – Attacker is frightened, mild mechanical contracture due to pain.
  • 1-3 seconds: medium-strength electric shock – Knocks the attacker down, he is psychologically shaken. After a while, he is able to get up.
  • 4-5 seconds: maximum electric shock – Knocks the attacker down, loss of orientation, psychic shock for several minutes before coming to his senses.

There is no risk of taking an electric shock, even if the assailant touches you.

There is no physical or psychological injury, no sequelae

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Principle of operation

The electric paralyzer allows you to neutralize or put an attacker to flight thanks to the effects of a high voltage electric arc capable of disrupting the nervous and motor functions of an individual, while disorienting him.
It is also a deterrent weapon thanks to the crackling sound when the electric arc is triggered.

This device combines two self-defense weapons that are completely different but so complementary, a high-powered electric shocker (4,500,000 volts) and a pepper gas defense bomb, which is more irritating in the tear gas genre, which it is also called an incapacitant.

Depending on the circumstances, one or the other of these two weapons will be used.

Products included in the box:

A shocker, 4,500,000 Volts rechargeable
A USB cable
Instructions printed in the packaging box.

Power: 4,500,000 Volts
Power supply: Rechargeable
Size: 105x55x30mm
Weight: 102gr
Black color
Lamp function: Yes 130 Lm
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Lanyard kill switch: No
Tear gas: Yes 20ml


Hold your stun gun firmly and press the trigger button on contact with your attacker. Preferably touch it on an area where nervous currents pass, such as the neck, shoulders, abdominals, hips…

There is no risk of taking an electric shock, even if the assailant touches you.

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